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Read some of these statements

This is an exciting opportunity brought to you my members of the scientific research community to members of the public to take advantage of the pioneering way of applying the power of Quantum Mechanics and Computing to predicting future events.

For years now many physicists within the scientific community have been looking for ways to capitalise on some of the breakthroughs in quantum computing with mixed success. But our formula has been perfectly matched to the mathematics of horse racing outcome predictions.

A few physicists who had already copied our methods have decided to retire early from experimental physics having applied our methods and successfully banked thousands of pounds of race winnings without having to work. Their time is now mostly spent outside the labs and on their sail boat!!

But you don’t need to be a physicist to earn this kind of money.
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In the beginning we only agreed to help out friends and family to avoid being sanctioned by the scientific community, and you can see some of the earnings we helped those in our inner circle generate below.

Some of the regular uses were making more than £15,000 per month.

Performance Summary

To protect the identity of my colleagues, relatives and associates the names have to be concealed. But they’ve happily shared their numbers with me to allow others like you to enjoy the same success!

With that kind of tax-free income,
what will you do with your life? – So how does it work?

Quantum computing is the next generation of high-performance computing devices not yet available on the mass market that can solve complex equations and mathematical problems almost instantaneously. Because of the mind-bending laws of quantum mechanics the seemingly impossible becomes achievable thanks to the exponential processing power and speed of quantum computing.

We are a small group of research physicists and computer scientists focused on the engineering and software development for some of the newest and best quantum based computing devices in the world.

Quantum computing allows us to mathematically assign, process and predict every possible likely outcome for any givenamenable scenario, despite the multiple variables to consider. A task normal computing software could not handle and that one a human brain has no chance of doing with any scientific certainty beyond guessing.

The science works especially well in the case of horse race betting as there is just so much data already out there and readily available to feed into our predictive algorithms.  We certainly include all the useful statistics and figures from previous races including previous performance of jockey and horse, date and time of race, ages of the horses, performance rates of the owners and the stables, and even factor in the various odds that the bookies themselves are offering.

Your subscription allows you to receive the best predictions science can offer based on the laws of quantum physics. No one else is using this technology yet for horse race predictions.

= we can probabilistically predict other ‘systems’
that are thought to be unpredictable – say, our future!

Hey, you don’t need to worry about the complicated scientific stuff, we’ve made it very easy for you.
Just simply follow these steps:

That’s it! Now you can wait for your bank account to grow exponentially!

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But of course!! The big question still remains unanswered…
why are we sharing this exclusive information with you?

We are part of a small group of research scientists actively involved in one of the biggest scientific projects currently being undertaken in partnership with Europe and the USA. We are employed and contracted to this research project which has a strict disciplinary code of conduct which we would breech if we tried to openly capitalise on our technology through directly making bets ourselves. One colleague has already been removed from the project which is a once in a lifetime opportunity the rest of us do not want to lose.

So this website was a great way for us to still use our technology, fund our extra time put into this, and help others benefit from technology funded by tax payers. Plus we get to prove that our technology works.

Remember another big difference with our technology is that we don’t just look at the horses form but we also use data from the odds that different bookies have used in the past on the same race/event to beat the punters, which informs us on which horses the bookies know are going to win so we can inform you.

The market price of this kind of breakthrough in betting predictions is about £999.99, as you could easily make that back in a day.

But that’s not what we’re asking from you.

You see, we have a limit on what we can charge you otherwise our profits could put us in breech of our ethics rules of conduct.

But the basic price structure we’ve put together will cover our costs and provide you with a lifetime license to use our daily selections.


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You pay just once now and then you will be one of the few pioneers in this new world of quantum betting. You will receive algorithm-based selections every morning for a life-time.
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We understand that trust comes interchangeably, that is why I’m offering you a 60-day satisfaction guarantee. When you sign up today, you will be automatically protected with a 60 Day money-back Guarantee. This means that your money is kept safe for to claim back if you really prefer £29.99 instead of access to our technology, you have nothing to lose.

Try out Quantum Betting for two months and if you don’t absolutely love it, We’ll give you a full refund.

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Limited Space Available!

With Quantum Betting, you’re set to make around £3,800 a week
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